Why the Fresh Connection?

Discover how The Fresh Connection can help build true alignment between functions while developing skills and knowledge in the people who need them most.

To bridge theory and practical application in a real life environment whilst creating an optimal fit with your learning objectives.

Build strong teams and fortify relationships with your customer and partners.

To learn through experience, is 10 times more powerful  than a classical training.

To experience the power of cross functional alignment:

  • alignment between departments,
  • alignment between strategy and execution and
  • alignment between partners in the supply chain.

You can chose from a wide range and combination of delivery methods from class room, to webinars and e-learning and receive training which is in line with your specific time and/or geographical constraints.


“The Fresh Connection is ground breaking in that it puts participants in the cockpit of the ultimate “Flight Simulator”, enabling rich learnings by application of collaborative business strategy across the elements of the Supply Chain. Teams can participate in a safe learning environment in which they learn from the simulation, the feedback it provides, professional facilitation, and each other. Participants in The Fresh Connection will be better prepared to deal with real life challenges and succeed in Agile and Changing Supply Chains.”
Kevin Farrington
Change Management Expert at 3pi International