The Fresh Connection Global PRO Challenge is designed as a unique supply chain management (SCM) training event. Company teams (members from the same company), as well as Individuals teams (members from different companies), made up of four people, take part in open training workshops which are meaningful learning experiences in their own right. At the same time they are benchmarked against other participating teams. Based on the benchmark outcomes teams can be promoted to a global tournament called The Fresh Connection Global PRO Challenge.

From the very start teams have to make the best strategic and tactical choices to save the virtual company, The Fresh Connection, from financial ruin. They also compete against other teams, first in their own workshop, and once promoted nationally and ultimately globally in a spectacular event called The Fresh Connection Global PRO Final.

Finally, the best team of all becomes The Fresh Connection World Champion. And besides recognition and fame, this entitles them to an intensive four-day Executive Education SCM Course at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, MA, USA.

Train your value chain team, and benchmark their skills against the world’s best

Every year, The Fresh Connection Global PRO Challenge pits teams from your region and from across the globe against each other. It is an ideal opportunity to learn by experience and match your teams’ supply chain management skills against the best in the world.

The Fresh Connection Global PRO Challenge uses the same cross-functional format as in open training workshops and in-company learning experiences, with teams made up of the same four key disciplines: supply chain, operations, sales, and purchasing. A fifth member may also join the team as ‘coach’.

Teams complete several rounds in which they make strategic and tactical choices. At the end of each round, the sophisticated software behind The Fresh Connection calculates the effects of their decisions and ranks the teams accordingly.

Why you should enter The Fresh Connection Global PRO Challenge

  • Experience the power of true alignment
  • Increase cross-functional knowledge and awareness
  • Develop advanced decision-making skills
  • Learn how to effectively manage trade-offs
  • Gain knowledge of how to put Strategy into Action
  • See that benefits of collaboration are measurable
  • Learn to challenge their decisions and underlying assumptions
  • Build effective teams
  • Achieve national and international recognition
  • Be rewarded for excellence
  • Become The Fresh Connection World Champion

Every edition of the challenge has a current supply chain theme. Some examples from recent years are: Sales and Operations Planning, Carbon Footprint, Supply Chain Risk Management, Strategy Segmentation, Logistics Footprint and Multi-Channel.