Delivery and Packages

Delivery is in most cases done by the lecturer and we provide all knowledge and materials needed to successfully launch the course. The delivery of the training can be tailored to your specific learning objectives and in line with your specific time constraints.

The Fresh Connection is now also available with a textbook! Mastering the Supply Chain is already highly accredited by educators from all over the globe.


“This excellent book not only covers core supply chain management principles, buts adds a guided approach to mastering them. It will be of great value to both students and lecturers.”

– Tom Van Woensel, Professor of Operations Management and Logistics
Eindhoven University of Technology and Antwerp Management School

The Fresh Connection: delivered your way

As a web-based simulation, The Fresh Connection can be offered in many ways. All the teams can be in one room and compete against each other, or different teams can be on different continents and still interact through the simulation, with the between-rounds learning delivered in a webinar environment.

To access The Fresh Connection, each user needs an individual license. Each set of student licenses includes:

  • 6 rounds of gameplay
  • Free training for the instructor
  • A complete off-the-shelf teacher’s kit with all necessary material and scripts
  • Customized configuration, dependent on your course objectives and student level
  • Support by phone/mail/Skype of an Education Associate before and during the course
  • 24/7 helpdesk

There are localized versions of the simulation in multiple languages including Chinese, Russian, French, Spanish, Portuguese and German as well as English.




Mastering the Supply Chain Textbook

The Fresh Connection is now available with a textbook!

Mastering the Supply Chain integrates theory with practice and aims to create a cross-functional mindset in students and practitioners.

Mastering the Supply Chain presents a different way of learning that puts the reader at the heart of a life-like situation, so that they experience the impact of every decision they make. This is as close to reality as you can get!

The combination of The Fresh Connection with this textbook provides a powerful out-of-the-box solution to create SCM courses, suitable for students at any level.