Train the Teacher on Site

During a one day training on site one of our Education Associates will go deeply into our simulation and how to best use it in your existing or new curriculum. These Education Associates will conduct this training in your local language.

Please see our Event page to find the next Train the Teacher day on site near you.

Before including The Fresh Connection in the Curriculum, you will be supported by all the knowledge and material that’s needed to run a successful course, including:

  • A free-of-charge one day ‘train the teacher;’ session, if possible on location
  • A complete off-the-shelf teacher’s kit with all necessary material and scripts
  • 24/7 telephone and email support when needed


It is our aim to make you feel comfortable with The Fresh Connection during the one-day training. We will inform you about the challenge, configuration, trade-offs, training materials, excercises, grading of the students, possible ways to include the game in your course (2- days, 3-days, semestercourse), etc.


After the one-day training, you will be officially certified by the Inchainge Management Team, and this allows you, as a teacher, to incorporate The Fresh Connection in into your curriculum.

Trainer / Lecturer

The trainings are English-spoken, and conducted by experienced teachers that include The Fresh Connection in their own class.


Attendance is free of charge for you, and all you need is a WIFI-enabled notebook. As The Fresh Connection is webbased, you will receive logins from us to play online.

Online Training

For an optimal preparation of the In-house training, we recommend you to follow the Online Train-the-Teacher Training beforehand as well. This takes about 8 hours, which you can fill in at your own pace, and in parts if you like. We will get you the logins in advance.

If you do not have the opportunity to participate in an In-house training, then it is also possible to only follow the training online, at your own pace. If that suits you better, then we will be happy to provide you with the logins. You will also receive a certificate after finishing this.