Challenge schedule

The Fresh Connection Global PRO Challenge pits teams from your region and from across the globe against each other. It is an ideal opportunity to learn by experience and match your teams’ supply chain management skills against the best in the world.

How to join The Fresh Connection Global PRO Challenge

As of September 2019, teams have the opportunity to attend public training workshops or online training sessions organized for their country. Each session includes a number of rounds of The Fresh Connection. These training sessions are a meaningful learning experience in their own right. Participants can join in Company teams (members from the same company), as well as in Individuals teams (members from different companies). Please contact your local TFC Partner for available options in your area.

At the end of April 2020, teams can proceed to the Global PRO Challenge Spring edition. Another window for teams to proceed is planned to start by mid September 2020, titled the Global PRO Challenge Fall edition. Teams will be divided into Country pools, and for a multi-week period, they will experience 3 additional rounds of the simulation as they compete against the best value chain management teams from their country and from the world. Typically, 2-3 hours per round will be required.

The strongest teams of their country or region will continue to the Global PRO Final, to be held online in mid November, 2020. The best team will claim the title of The Fresh Connection World Champion.

AND the best team of the Global PRO Final will win a free four-day Executive Education SCM course at MIT in Cambridge, MA, USA, worth $ 4,995 per participant.

Want to enter? Contact us for more information about how to enter The Fresh Connection Global PRO Challenge


Summary: How to be part of the Global PRO Challenge 2020


Contact your local The Fresh Connection partner or contact us directly.

Public training workshops / Online training sessions (September 28, 2019 to mid April, 2020)
Eligible teams will progress to the Global PRO Challenge.

The Global PRO Challenge (Spring edition: Apr 20 – May 29, 2020 | Fall edition: Sep 14 – Oct 2, 2020)
Eligible teams will experience 3 Global PRO Challenge rounds simultaneously with participants from around the World!

The Global PRO Final (mid November, 2020)
The best performing teams from the Global PRO Challenge gather online for the Global PRO Final 2020.