Learning objectives & Topics

The Fresh Connection learning experience is extremely versatile. Its modular design enables it to be tailored to challenge all hierarchical levels within an organization and fulfill the training needs of professionals from multiple professional backgrounds as well as the various levels within the educational system.

The delivery of the training can be tailored to your specific learning objectives and in line with your specific time/geographical constraints. We can support you with a wide range and combination of delivery methods from class room, to webinars and e-learning.

Training programs vary in length and intensity, always having your customers’ learning goals in mind


When your objective is to create a first awareness around the learning topics we can deliver sessions from 1,5 – 4 hours

Learning and Development

For development purposes our program varies from 1 day to complete Supply Chain Academies.

A special variant is the yearly Global Challenge, were we combine the learning with a challenging competition between company teams. (link company-competition).  Because of the high profile of this competition, the Global Challenge serves as a marketing activity for The Fresh Connection and our partners.

Action and change

We can also embed the learning and development in a change management program. We will extend our support with scans, assessments, coaching, change management and a blended learning platform. For the latter we have a partnership with CrossKnowledge, world leader in distance learning for management.

We are always interested in expanding our international network of certified training partners. To  market and deliver the training locally. You are interesting as a partner for us when:

  • you have in depth knowledge and experience in Supply Chain Management
  • you have a track record and network in companies and or education
  • you want to create a USP in your training offer
  • you want to be part of virtual global network of supply chain training and consultancy

If you are interested to become a partner please contact us, and we can explain our collaboration concept.